Kim Sui

Kim embodies the qualities of the perfect pug: sweet, mellow and loving. She is an excellent mom and has well-developed maternal instincts, delivering beautiful and healthy puppies. She is small, with a beautiful, melancholic face. She can be cuddled all day and is more comfortable in her soft cuddly bed, than walking or playing around.



Ella is the one puppy we kept from Kim's first litter due to her enormous potential. She quickly became the alpha of her pack: Energetic and playful, roughhouses with her larger companions, brave and an excellent protector and disciplinarian, even of our stronger, larger dogs! Ella has beautiful features and a sweet face from one of our favorite lines (Daughter of: El Negro Morocho from Aztecas Pugs).



As the son of Mexico's top 2017 champion (Dom Vittorio 3Q from Aztecas Pugs) this majestic pug will be our main stud for years to come. He has striking, well balanced features and is simply one of the most beautiful pugs we've ever seen. Proportions, face, coat, gate, tail, this pug has it all and turn heads whenever he goes out in public. Besides all his impressive physical attributes Othello is exactly what we want in our pugs personalities: sweet, calm, loving and curious. We can't wait for his first litter later in 2018.



As a breeder is hard to pick favorites, but Camilla is mine. She has what I consider he perfect pug personality: calm, loving and mellow, but with a very strong side when she wants to stand her ground. If she's playing with a toy, all our other dogs know better than trying to take it from her. She has also beautiful physical features that will be a great asset for our breeding lines.



Directly from Brazil, Nikita is one of the beautiful females from our partner breeding house Aztecas Pugs. She has a beautiful face and very well balanced features from her champion bloodlines. With a mellow and calm personality, she produces beautiful puppies that have been making families happy for many years for us. We always feel fortunate when puppies from he become available to share the experience of a fantastic pure-bred pug with loving families.


Chili Pepper

From our partner breeder Aztecas Pugs, “Chili” is a ray of sunshine whenever she’s around, an always happy and upbeat moma that takes great care of her puppies and always seems to be in the best of moods. She is calm and completely docile, not a drop of mean in her. She is one of our smaller females and produces beautiful, small puppies. We are so lucky to have access to this amazing pug to offer our families puppies with the quintessential pure-bred, pug experience.