Juniper (JuJu)


“…JuJu just had her wellness check and our vet confirmed what we already knew - she is perfect in every way! He found no abnormalities and everyone at the office had a fit over her. It was chilly this morning so we put a sweater on her and she loves it, keeps her nice and warm. She slept through the night and has been so good with going outside to go potty. You can tell how much she was loved during her first few months of life, and we are eternally grateful to you both for our girl. She's beyond our wildest expectations just the best personality and so stinking cute. She is settling in so well with her brother and sister, it's like they've always been a little pack.” 

Juniper’s family, Reno NV, 2019




“He’s one day over a week here and he’s part of the family already. He follows me around and likes to eat with me sitting next to him. Potty training has been easy. He’s really a bright little guy. You did a great job… At night he goes right into the crate at 9:30 and sleeps until 7. We do walk a lot.” 

Squishy’s family, Ponte Vedra FL, 2019




“Bodhi has quickly adjusted to his new home, as if he’s always been here. He transformed from a shy little guy to being full of life in one day and with that the discovery of lots of new toys. We truly believe the socialization and care he received growing up with his kennel mates allowed him to easily adjust to his new home and new big brother, Logan the Lab almost immediately. We are so happy to have Bodhi as each day is a new adventure!.” 

Bodhi’s family, AR, 2019




“We are loving Quincy and he has adjusted very well. What a delightful little fellow. We feel fortunate to have found him... Again, thanks for this little fellow.” 

Quincy’s family, Charleston SC, 2019



Cooper Collage.jpg

“Thanks so much.” 

Cooper’s family, Atlanta GA, 2019



Giorgio Collage.png

“He has been a wonderful puppy and addition to our family.  He is doing very well with potty training and sleeping at night.  We appreciate that he was used to his crate already for when we have to be away.  I can tell he had a great head start with your family before coming to our home.” 

Giorgio’s family, Beaufort SC , 2019




“We welcomed Ginger to our family and she fits in just perfectly.  She was basically house broken when she arrived and very comfortable sleeping in her crate through the night.  She is deliciously sweet and playful and very obedient.  We loved her instantly.  Our family is already discussing when we will get her a new sister or brother from Pugalicious Cuddle Pugs in the near future.  Even her new pug sister, 8 year old Stormy, thinks she is cute. “

Ginger’s family, Loucust Valley NY, 2019




“… our long time vet gave Samson a clean bill of health and said, “Samson is one of the best built Pug puppies I have ever seen! Very smart and curious.””

Samson’s family, Lakewood Ranch FL, 2019




“She is such a loving, smart girl and we have had a great experience!”

Stout’s Family, Durham NC, Winter 2018

(keep up with Stout at her new Instagram page @ lil_pug_stout)


Ash, Bodhi & Penelope


“We made it home safe! Boys were perfect on plane. They snuggled and slept almost the whole way. Penelope has been very excited meeting her new brothers. Thanks again for making this a great experience and we couldn’t be happier with the new family! We will take great care of them.”

Ash, Bodhi & Penelope’s Family, Carmel IN, Winter 2018




“BamBam is doing great. He’s loving life. His potty training is really good…”

BamBam’s Family, Lockport NY, Fall 2018




“We all love her very much.  Dahlia and our English Bulldog, Ivy are becoming great friends.  They have been playing very well together.  Thank you both so much for this wonderful puppy.”

Dahlia’s Family, North Beach MD, Fall 2018




“…we are very happy with the beautiful and well adjusted puppy.”

Tiger-Lilly’s Family, Edenton NC, Summer 2018




“She is a great dog!  Has a wonderful personality.”

Mona’s Family, Taylors SC, Summer 2018