health and hapiness

When we decided to become Pug breeders, we chose to be the stewards of the health and happiness of these sweet and amazing dogs, for that, we keep up with the latest research on spaying and neutering dogs. Presently, most veterinarians recommend conducting these procedures between 4-6 months of age, and that is the timeline we follow with our puppies.

Pug females have two heats per year, but we only allow our females to have only one litter per year because we like them to have a full recovery from their pregnancy and also give them plenty of time to be "normal" dogs and enjoy their lives with us and their pack.

As with all health and science issues, things continually change and improve and we revise our practices accordingly.

ready in 16 weeks

We pride ourselves in allowing our puppies to go to their new homes after they had ample time to socialize with their pack, get all heir vaccines, receive optimum care and nutrition as well as being checked for any health issues. In addition, sending our puppies to their new homes after 16 weeks allows us time to start house-training (most puppies will be well on their way, but can't guarantee 100%), which shall reduce the effort necessary from you, and give you more time to bond with and enjoy your new adorable companion. We also spay and neuter our puppies before they go to their new homes so you don't have to worry about that. Finally, at four months of age, most airlines allow cabin air travel for dogs, which is a necessity for many of our clients that live far away.

part of our group

When you get one of our puppies, you will be invited to our private Facebook group, where other proud owners and friends share the joy and learning from their lives with these great dogs. We will also be available for your questions and concerns on how to best raise your Pug, our objective is that you never feel alone in your journey with your new Pug companion.